Health & Safety


When Cedar Building Company takes the role of Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) it has additional responsibilities for the management of safety on site. The Company recognises that work accidents and work related health problems cause suffering to the persons affected and possible financial loss to them and the Company.

The Company and its employees have a common interest in minimising the possibility of accidents and ill effects on health. We aim to continually improve safety and health performance by taking a pro-active approach to the management of safety and health as an integral part of managing a successful business.

Cedar does this by:

Ensuring that the applicable legal requirements are identified and adopted as our minimum acceptable performance standards. Setting safety and health objectives and periodically reviewing performance against them. Defining the responsibilities and authorities for managers with particular responsibility for its safety and health performance. Ensuring that at all levels, training and appropriate information on safety and health is provided so that people are competent and safety conscious. Involving and consulting our employees Safety Representatives to identify their safety and health concerns and to gain their commitment to our policy.

Planning for safe working and monitoring against the plans. Operating a safety management system and providing the necessary resources to implement the policy. Establishing and implementing safety measurement procedures to ensure that our policy is implemented and remains appropriate and effective the Company carries out periodic audits and reviews of its safety and health system and performance.

Where the need for improvements to its policy, procedures or performance is identified, appropriate action is taken. Employees must recognise that they have responsibilities for their own safety and health and that their activities can impact on the safety and health of others. Accordingly, we require our employees to comply with the company's safety policy and procedures to provide a safe working environment.